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Preferred Benchtop Features:
If you have a preferred laminate colour, front edge, sink cut-out and installation preferences we will always price your usual preferred options, unless you tell us otherwise for a particular job.

Factory Pickup, Template, Delivery, Installation:
Factory Pickup
We will also remember your preferred options.
Some Trade customers always pickup from factory and in certain cases, they may request us to make a Dgital Template for a particular job.

For other trade customers we can price a Either:

Delivery – to your base, or to your client
With delivery, you may also choose to have us make the digital template beforehand which would make your installation easier.

Full installation
Please note that for us to install we need to make a digital template first, even for small jobs, this eliminates the possibility of needing to custom adjust the benchtop onsite on install day. It also helps alert us of any other considerations that we may need to take into account for installation.

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If required for your records, we can reference any number in our quote

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