Sink Options

Sinks are an important consideration for your benchtop – your sink will be there for a long time and the having the best sink can really make a difference in appreciating your benchtop.

A new sink is often a better choice for style and cost, as it will beautifully complement the look of your new benchtop.

We can guide you through the process to best suit your needs.

Options you will want to consider is whether you prefer to have a single or double bowl, if a drainer tray is needed, and ensuring the size of sink will fit the dimensions of your benchtop and underneath cabinetry. We can top-mount all our sinks, but only some sinks and benchtop-types are recommended for under-mounting.

Sinks and Taps website

Explore Mercer, Burns and Ferrall, and Santorini sinks at competitive prices from our partner site, Sinks and Taps.

Aquatica, Burns and Ferrall, and Santorini tapware, and Parmco kitchen appliances can also be viewed and ordered from this website.

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