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A quick sketch with all dimensions is all we need. Measurements do not need to be accurate (within 20mm is ok). Please indicate where the walls are and what edges are finished.

Maximum file size: 16.78MB

Please upload photos to help us understand your project better. Include where there are joins, walls, finished edges, sink location, etc.


Read these notes to help fill out the form - please include photos!


How to take the photos we need: Standing in the middle of the kitchen/laundry etc take a photo of every side and attach them to us. They will answer many questions and provide the little details like which edges to finish, what to lookout for with plumbing, gas, tiles / splash back and help us plan which is the best way to install.




For us to work out a price we need measurements to work out the quantity of materials we will need. Precise measurements are not so important to start with - 10-20mm will not make much difference. Accurate measurements can be finalised later. We recommend including our Digital Template service with your order to ensure the perfect fit of your benchtop.

There are TWO ways to give us your benchtop measurements:

  1. Use our shape plans:
    1. Click on a shape plan below to open it in a new window.
    2. Print the shape plan and write the dimensions on it.
    3. Scan or take a photo of the plan to attach it to the quote form below.
    4. Remember to write the symbols for each edge to indicate if it is "Visible" or "Not Visible / Wall".
      If an edge is partially-seen, use "Visible" but place a measurement mark on the edge to show how much of the edge is seen.
  2. Write the dimensions in the quote form message area:
    1. Write what shape bench you have, for example "Straight", "L-Shape", "C-Shape", "G-Shape".
    2. Then for each edge, write the dimensions and whether it is visible. For example, L1 = 2400 (Wall), W1 = 610 (Visible).
  3.  Make sure to draw or tell us which benchtop will need a sink or hob cut-out.


Think about the type of benchtop material you would like:

  1. Laminate benchtops give the biggest variety of shapes and sizes and different luxurious surfaces.
  2. Engineered stone is more solid and gives a timeless look.

Generally, Laminate is most economical.


Our standard benchtop thickness for each benchtop type is:

  • Laminate: 36mm (31mm is also possible, although 36mm is recommended)
  • Engineered Stone: 20mm

If you have tiles or a splashback you are keeping, we will manufacture to match the thickness.
If you are replacing the tiles or splashback, then other thicknesses can be offered.
Note: Opting for thicknesses other than our standard increases the cost. Let us know if you need a non-standard thickness so we can price it for you.


Digital Template

Our Digital Template service ensures accurate measurements are taken so that your benchtop fits perfectly and installation is a breeze.

If we are installing your benchtop for you, then the digital template is required and we will include this in our pricing.

If you wish to install yourself, you have the option to include the Digital Template. Certainly, if you have more than a straight benchtop type, the Digital Template will make your installation easier as walls are almost never perfectly straight or square.

We offer Factory Pick-up, Delivery Only, or Full Installation

Property Address

To price for Digital Template, Delivery or Installation please provide the property address so we can work out how far we need to travel.

Access To The Property

If we’re installing for you, please let us know how easy it is to access the kitchen from the carpark.
Are there steps? How many? We will need photos of staircases greater than three steps.
Are there any tight or awkward corners that we have to take the benchtop through.
If in doubt – please call us or leave your phone number.

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