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Laminate Benchtops

A great economical option

Laminate benchtops, also known as Formica benchtops, are the most economical option on the market. Some laminate looks very similar to stone.

Our normal benchtop thickness is 36mm. We use a solid moisture resistant substrate and glue the laminate with a cross-linking PVA glue that is then thermo-set ensuring a lifetime bond.

Laminate benchtop benefits

  • Hundreds of colors to choose from.
  • Available in different surface finish, Matt, Gloss, Satin, Etched and Textured
  • Solid 35mm moisture resistant substrate.
  • Can be made in thicknesses from 17mm to 60mm or even larger
  • Non-porous.
  • Stain resistant.
  • Easy to maintain.

Front Edge Profile



  • Best option for front edge.
  • Laminate is continuous from the top to the front to the underside of the benchtop.
  • There is no break in the pattern of the laminate.
  • Soft on the hands.
  • Most common radius is 9mm.



  • Not suitable for curved fronts.
  • A join is needed every time there is a change in direction of the benchtop.
  • Not suitable when there is a waterfall leg.


Rolled Front Edge

Profile of Rolled Front Edge


  • Can do curves.
  • Can avoid a join if the benchop dimension overall size is less than 3600 x 1500mm.
  • Ideal for waterfall legs.



  • The dark edge of the laminate sheet is seen.
  • The laminate pattern is not continuous between the top and front surfaces. Only noticeable with large patterns, veins.
  • Costs more than a rolled front edge.

Square Front Edge (No Join)

Dark Line of Square Front Edge

Curved Front Edge


  • Premium look
  • No visible dark edges
  • Color printed on the outside surface of the ABS tape.
  • Color printed on the inside surface of the Acrylic tape.
  • Has all the advantages of Square Front Edge profile.



  • Costs more than Square Front Edge profile.
  • Only selected colors are available with ABS / Acrylic Edges

ABS Front Edge

Acrylic Front Edge

Benchtop End

  • Most common method to end the benchtop.
  • Used for benchtops with either Rolled or Square front edge profile.
  Clashed End

On benchtops with Rolled Front Edge profile, we can roll the end of the benchtop, however, we need to chop the corner as it is impossible to have both rolls meeting perfectly on the corner and still look acceptable.

Not all laminate colors can be rolled on the ends due to the way the laminate sheet is manufactured.


Rolled End with chopped corner

Sink Mounting



  • Protect the laminate edge from damage.
  • More long lasting.
  • The recommended method for fitting the sink into the laminate.



  • Water cannot be squeegeed into the sink bowl


Top Mount Sink


  • Water can be squeegeed into the sink bowl.



  • If objects hit the edge of the sink bowl, the laminate edge will bear the brunt of the impact, with time, the edge will not look good.
  • More labour intensive and therefore costs more than top mount.
  • Not all sinks can be fitting under mount into laminate benchtops.


Under Mount Sink




  • Laminate is a continuous piece from the top surface to the top of the upstand.
  • Excellent waterproofing of the wall.
  • There is no break in the pattern of the laminate.
  • Your splashback is done with the benchtop.



  • Adds to the cost, however, it could be cheaper than a glass or tile splashback


Coved Upstand


  • Good waterproofing of the wall.
  • Your splashback is done with the benchtop.
  • Can be placed at back of benchtop or end of benchtop



  • The laminate pattern is not continuous between the top and the upstand. Only noticeable with large patterns, veins.


Square Upstand

Other specifications

  • A small notch at the end of the benchtop to avoid a sharp corner


Softened Corner

  • Applying a radius of ANY size to a benchtop corner.
  • Only applies for Square, ABS or Acrylic Front Edge profiles.
  • Or we can copy any existing radius.
  Radius Corner

Laminate Colours

Choose from our huge selection of laminate colours and finishes from the best brands available.

We have organised a selection of colours into different collections for your convenience.

Alternatively, browse the complete collections from Laminex/Formica, Wilsonart, and Prime in our Standard Laminates - the choices are huge!

PLEASE NOTE:  Finishes and colours can look markedly different online, and should be viewed as an indication only. 

Whilst we make every effort to ensure the accuracy of colours, sizing and information provided please do not rely solely on this to base any decisions (see our Disclaimer).

To be sure of your selection, view a sample in person with the intended lighting. Samples can be ordered direct from the supplier / manufacturer - we can assist you with this.

Standard-size Laminates


Our Standard Collection covers the standard high pressure laminate catalogues from our key laminate suppliers, Wilsonart and Laminex (Formica/Laminex).

Follow the links below to view.

Laminex / Formica  
Laminex New Zealand is the supplier of Formica and Laminex brands of High Pressure Laminate. For colour options, follow the link below to get to the laminate page.
Acero is the supplier of Wilsonart brand High Pressure Laminate. For colour options, follow the link below to get to the laminate page. Check the dimensions of the laminate sheet are 3660 x 1530mm to see if that colour may be part of the standard collection.

The Favourites Collection features popular colours from the Prime Laminates range.

The Classic Collection showcases our most popular colours from the Wilsonart and Prime ranges.

The Super Saver Collection is a range of neutral colours at a discounted price. Note: These laminates are not suitable for coved upstands.

The Ultra Saver Collection showcases great value colours which are ideal for rentals, holiday homes and wherever a more economical laminate is preferred.

Note: These laminates are non-standard sizing which means they may not be suitable for all projects and they are also not suitable for coved upstands.

The High Definition Collection presents premium laminates that set the standard for anti-scratch and scuff performance with Wilsonart AEON™ and High Definition technology.

The Laminex Alucci™ is a new generation of material and technology in ultra-matte surfaces.  The collection features six colours with a high level of abrasion, stain, fingerprint, and chemical resistance.

Non-standard-size Laminates


Gloss laminate finishes are visually stunning and add real class to your benchtop.

All brands offer gloss finishes but not for all colours. These are the main gloss finishes that we offer, and recommend you obtain samples to gauge their 'look' which cannot be accurately represented on screen.

We can also offer Prime Special laminates at the same price as our Classics Collection.

These laminates are narrower in width, so work out the same price if your benchtop fits within certain dimensions. Check with us first if these colours would be suitable for your project.

Prime Soft Matt laminates are a firm favourite of New Zealand designers and are anti-fingerprint with a matt finish that is soft to touch.

Prime Matera laminates feature a matt finish that is soft to touch. ABS edge tape is available for some colours.

The ARtouch range from Laminex is a super luxurious to the touch laminate with a finish that does not leave fingerprint marks.

These laminates fall within our standard laminate pricing, although they come in narrower than standard sizing.

Please check with us to ensure your benchtop would suit these sizes.

This range of Wilsonart laminates that we have named the Urban collection features a range of industrial greys with different texture finishes.

The laminates look fantastic, although the narrower than standard dimensions need to be considered to ensure they are suitable for your project.

This curated collection of woodgrains have been selected from different brand suppliers.

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