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Engineered stone, or composite stone is the alternative to natural stone or Granite. It is a composite material made from quartz and resin compound.  Some slabs also have granite chips and glass. Unlike granite, it does not need any maintenance. Engineered Stone is commonly available in 20mm and 30mm. With a mitred front edge profile, we can make it to any thickness required.

Sample of our work

Engineered Stone benefits

  • Wonderful selection of colours and styles.
  • Commonly available in 20mm and 30mm thickness. Can also be made 40~60mm thick.
  • Non-porous.
  • Stain resistant.
  • Easy to maintain.

Front Edge Profile

  • The slab is cut and the edge is polished.
  • A 5mm radius is machined at the top and bottom edges.
  • Benchtop thickness is equal to the slab thickness.


Photo of Polished Edge

  • The edge of the benchtop is cut at 45 degrees
  • A vertical piece, also cut at 45 degrees is attached to benchtop.
  • The height of the vertical piece is the height of the benchtop.
  • With this method we can make a 50mm benchtop using a 20mm slab.
  • Mitred edges cost more than polished edges.


Photo of Mitred Edge

Benchtop End

  • The end of benchtop usually is the same as the front edge.
  • Optional end is a Mitred Waterfall.
  • The join is placed at the corner between the top surface and the waterfall surface, it is not very noticeable.


Photo of Polished End

Photo of Mitred End

Photo of Waterfall End

Sink Mounting



  • Protect the Engineered Stone edge from damage.
  • Lowest cost, the cutout does not need polishing.



  • Water cannot be squeegeed into the sink bowl


Top Mount Sink


  • Water can be squeegeed into the sink bowl.



  • If heavy objects hit the edge of the cutout, they may chip it.
  • Costs more than top mount as the cutout edges need to be polished.


Photos of Under Mount sink



  • Water can be squeegeed into the sink bowl.



  • If heavy objects hit the edge of the cutout, they may chip it.
  • Costs more than under mount sinks.
  • Sink is expensive to buy


Photo of Butler Sink



Joins in Engineered stones are visible, the glue is color matched to the color of the stone. See the photos below of two joins at different distances away from the join. Colors that have large veins will have the vein stop at the join.


Photos of Join



  • For upstands, a slab is cut and polished to the size required
  • The upstand is placed vertically on top of the benchtop and glued to the wall.
  • We will make cutouts for power points and switches.
  • The thickness of the upstand is the same as the slab thickness used, either 20mm or 30mm.
  • Your splashback is done with the benchtop.


Photos of Squared Upstand

Other specifications

  • We can do a notch with any dimension required.
  • Notches can be made on benchtops with Polished edges or Mitred Edges


Photo of a Notch

  • Applying a radius of ANY size to a benchtop corner.
  • Is only possible with Polished Edges, A radius cannot be applied to mitred edges


Photos of Radius Corner

  • Similar to applying a radius, we can apply ANY curve size to a benchtop.
  • It can make for interesting breakfast bar shapes
  • Is only possible with Polished Edges, A curve cannot be applied to mitred edges


Photos of Curve

  • Apply drainer grooves on the top surface of the benchtop


Photo of Drainer Grooves

Engineered Stone Colours

For engineered stone color options have a look at the links below:

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These links will take you to each supplier's website catalogue:

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