Premium Acrylic

Seamless Joins

Acrylic benchtops are non-porous and have seamless joins. Benchtop can be polished to make it look like new again.
Infinity™ acrylic benchtops are 100% acrylic, solid surface benchtops. Commonly available in 38mm and 63mm.

Acrylic Benefits

  • Seamless joins.
  • Can be re-polished years later to make it look like new again.
  • Can be repaired.
  • Exceptional hygiene standards.
  • Non-Porous.
  • Stain resistant.

Front Edge Profile

  • The edge of the benchtop is cut at 45 degrees
  • A vertical piece, also cut at 45 degrees is attached to benchtop.
  • The height of the vertical piece is either 38mm or 63mm


Mitred front edge profile

Mitred edge

Benchtop End

  • The end of benchtop usually is the same as the front edge.
  • Optional end is a Mitred Waterfall.
  • The join is placed at the corner between the top surface and the waterfall surface, it is not very noticeable.


Benchtop End

Sink Mounting



  • Water can be squeegeed into the sink bowl.
  • It is the only way to go on acrylic benchtops


Premium Acrylic Colours

For acrylic color options have a look at the links below:

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