To assist us with pricing your benchtop, we have some helpful tips about what to look for listed below. The more information you can provide us, the more accurate the estimate we'll be able to give you.

What is the shape of your benchtop? Is it straight? U-shape? L-Shape?

How long and wide are your benchtops? Either measure along the back of the benchtops (by the wall), or along the front where you stand, and mark these measurements on your drawing where relevant.

How thick are your benchtops? The standard thickness is 30mm-36mm, however we can build up the benchtop to your required thickness. Please note that thicker tops do increase the overall cost.

Are the ends of any of the benchtops visible? Does a fridge or oven stand beside the benchtop, or does it butt directly into a wall or panel.


Does the colour of your bench go up the wall behind your sink (an upstand)? Or do you have tiles or a glass splashback?


Do you want your sink topmounted or undermounted? If you currently have a topmounted sink, do you want us to reuse it? Please note that we cannot reuse your undermounted sink


Do you have a hob to go into your benchtop?


What profile edge would you like for your Laminate benchtop? Square? Flat Freeform? 


Would you like us to allow for delivery and installation?


 What part of Auckland are you in?