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To get a quote, we need details of your benchtop. If you want us to install your benchtop, we will come and do a template for your benchtop so your new benchtop will fit perfectly, so don’t worry about being too accurate with your measurements. If your benchtop pieces are NOT connected, you need to enter the details for each piece/shape.

First, determine your benchtop layout

See the common shapes below and determine which shape or shapes that matches your kitchen. For example, if you have two straight benches, you will need to use the "Straight Bench" twice.

(tip: to print the image, first, right-click on it to save it to your computer)





Second, record your measurements

There are two ways to do this. EITHER print the shape plan(s) and write the dimensions on it, then scan or take a photo of the plan and email it to us. OR, you can just email us the value for each dimension, for example, DIM 1 = 2400, DIM 2 = 610 and so on.

Third, note the seen ends

Again, there are two ways to do this.

EITHER write "seen" next to each edge that is seen, write "wall" or "panel" next to sides that are against the wall or tall panels.

OR, write, "seen", "wall" or "panel" next to the corresponding dimension. For example, DIM 1 = 2400 wall, DIM 2 = 610 seen and so on.

Fourth, note anything else you may need.

Do you want us to do a HOB cutout? fitting of a sink? Is it a Top-Mount sink or Under-Mount sink? Do you want an upstand or a radius corner? You can see what we can do by looking at the Laminate, Engineered Stone, Acrylic or Stainless Steel pages to see what we can do.

EITHER note your requirements on the plan

OR you can note, HOB cutout along DIM 1, Rounded corner between DIM 1 and DIM 2, etc.

Fifth, do you want us to install your new benchtop?

If you want us to install your new benchtop, we will come and do an accurate measure (a template) for it, this way it will fit like a glove. Please answer these questions below and we will give you a quote for installation.

1) What is the site address?

2) What thickness are you after?

3) Is there any existing benchtop that we need to remove?

3.1) How thick is the existing benchtop?

3.2) What material is it? Laminate, Stone or something else?

4) Is there an existing splashback?

4.1) Will it stay or be replaced?

5) For large or heavy benchtops we use a trolley to move them from the truck/van/trailer to the kitchen. It is important that you tell us if there are any obstacles for moving this trolley such as staircases, steps up or steps down along the way.

5.1) Will we have an easy and clear path from the carpark to the kitchen?

5.2) Is the kitchen at the same level as the carpark?

5.3) If not at the same level, how many steps-up or steps-down is there between the carpark and the kitchen?

5.4) If we must go through a staircase that is larger than 4 steps, please send us a photo of the staircase.

6) What is the approximate overall size of the sink? More than 500? or less than 500mm?

7) What is the approximate size of the HOB? 600mm, 750mm or 900mm?

8) Gas or Electric HOB?

9) Do you need us to organise the plumber?

10) Do you need us to organise the electrician?

Sixth, send us the information

Email is the best way to send us the information, our email address is below.

Don't forget to include your name and telephone number.

You can also call us or visit our showroom.

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